About Invest-Edu:For more than 20 years we've been lucky enough to do what we love, sharing our knowledge of the financial markets to those who need it the most. Whether you're interested in stocks, options, futures, currency or even commodities we have the ideal training solution for you. Our trainers, coaches and mentors come from a broad Wall Street background before finally landing here to learn the cash flow strategies for retail traders and not those designed for the large banks and institutions. Your goals are drastically different than theirs. CNBC, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, BusinessWeek and the Eurex are just a few of the companies that have hired us to help create/teach educational courses.


Our website makes finding, analyzing and charting any stock a breeze. With automated support/resistance lines, fair value calculations and estimated price targets you can master your trading with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Our instructors have been investing & designing superior courses for investors for decades. We provide the perfect blend of the current market application with interactive trainings for investors of any level.


We believe that every investor should have access to accurate, honest investment training and we’ll strive to ensure that the information you receive follows this process. we also believe in giving back and donate 100% of our trading profits to charity.

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Powerful Trading Training Tools


With just one click, the Invest-Edu stock scanner will scour more than 10,000 different stocks and find only those that have fantastic fundamentals, growing sales and profits, large cash deposits, excellent bottom line numbers and then compare them to every stock in their industry, sector and against the S&P 500 and then list them all in order from best stock to worst stock. This same scan will then only display those that are trading under their discount cash flow valuation number (Warren Buffet number) so you know you will only buy a great stock at a discounted price. No other stock scanner comes close to what we have built here at Invest-Edu.


News is a major factor in moving the markets up and down, so we list the most relevant economic reports for the upcoming week and even let you know which ones we are focusing one.


New to trading and want to test out your skills? Use our Virtual trading tools to place orders and monitor your success.



Potential :Below is a list of some of the brokerage firms our students use and have given us po..

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Learning Curve

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The INVEST-EDU trading tools making finding and the analyzing and charting


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Student Testimonials

”To be Honest, I was skeptical after attending a different class but this class was different. We could
see that in the first 30 minut Update "We can see our future aga

”To be Honest, I was skeptical after attending a different class but this class was different. We could test "We can see our future a

”To be Honest, I was skeptical after attending a different class but this class was different. We could test new feedbakc "We can see our future agai

For Advance Training Courses and Live Events(REGISTER NOW CALL: 239-437-6034)

For those of you (and you know who you are) who want to really learn to profit in the market as a business, we have dedicated mentor trainings to guide you and help you do so. These trainings are meant to ensure both long term investments and short term cash flow while trading one on one with a personal mentor who is trading along with you.





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